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2022 Public Art

Rye’sAbove is a public art project and fundraiser led by The Rotary Club of Rye and The Rye Arts Center. The goal is to uplift the community through the arts while supporting educational programs in the region. They invited artists in building a cocoon of beauty and creativity that can be the catalyst for metamorphosis in our community. I participated this public art project and fundraising auction in 2022. I designed and painted the largest butterfly sculpture (Breath of Nature, Acrylic on aluminum alloy, 45 x 62 inches) which was displayed in Rye town center during the summer and successfully auctioned with $1,300, one of the highest prices, for community education program and art scholarship.

The event auction bid and media report. In addition, my butterfly was featured by Rye City Review Media.

Breath of Nature

My butterfly represents the breath of nature: the soft summer wind, chattering of birds flowing through the window, and the sweet scent of flowers. The wavy lines exhibit the flow of nature, constant and continually sinuous. I included many aspects found in nature, such as vibrant robin eggs, new sprouted leaves, and others. While the front of my butterfly is energetic and filled with colorful, lively designs, the back has a darker, more peaceful side. This illustrates the day and night cycle; every busy day will always be embraced with a tranquil night. On the night side, features of the sunset, ocean waves and starry midnight are simplified, contributing to the gentle soothing serenity. I see my concept connecting with the community in a way where people will see my design as an escape into the perpetual flow of the nature that surrounds us. I hope that it will allow others to strengthen their bond with nature by enjoying the outdoors with family. 

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