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As a passionate incoming freshman at University of Pennsylvania with a strong love for art, literature, and science, I have been involved in many projects that promote environmental awareness, social impact, and diversity through my artworks. My art works have been published in the New York Times, and exhibited in the Portland Museum of Art, Bruce Museum, Rye Art Center, Sharron Art Center, and public libraries. I founded an origami club and led a team of art outreach volunteers to work with underprivileged populations at Don Bosco Community Center and inspire these children to express themselves creatively. To empower these children to discover their artistic potential, I organized the 13th Sharron Art Charity Exhibition by leading ~50 student artists team in 2023 and fund raised $10K to build an art enrichment program. In 2022, I chaired a chamber music program at Sharron Art Center Charity Exhibition and I contributed to the fundraising program (>7.5K) for the Norwich Chinese Christian Church Youth Group; and I exhibited my sculptures and paintings in several public art events, where they were auctioned ($1,300) or sold (>$1K) to support art education in the community.

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