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In 2013, I took an origami class in a Chinese school and was immediately passionate about it. In 2016, I submitted one piece, a multi-layer box, out of my hundreds of pieces, to Origami USA and won the children's exhibit in 2016. I was invited to OrigamiUSA annual convention and it was a visual feast to see various models that I had never seen before. Thousands of folders attend or teach classes, display their new origami models, share ideas, and learn from each other. Since then, I have participated OrigamiUSA and MIT origami annual events for many years, where I learned that origami can be used in many aspects, including space and medical devices. Inspired by my favorite origami experts, Robert Lang, Jason Ku, Jeremy Shafer, I launched my origami club in my high school to bring fun activities and build creativity to promote this artform.

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